Fitness and Life

You have a body. If you are lucky it is a healthy body. Well, the healthy part isn’t all about luck. Health takes work, health needs you to make decisions. Decisions that require conviction. To have a healthy body requires conviction and determination. You need to convince yourself of the importance of working at your own health. So how do you go about that?


Some of Leonardo Da Vinvi’s drawings of the body. It is believed that he had dissected at least 19 dead bodies by the time of his own death in 1519.

For some there is just a need. It is just in them. They unquestioningly pursue perfection in their body. I don’t quite understand these people. In fact, I’m not really that sure they exist. I think it is probably a struggle for everyone, it is never easy. It is perhaps though that for some their physical form is just of more importance in their life. There are many walks of life where your physicality is more used, if you work physically, if you are a labourer or a fireman. There are also those worlds where you are simply consistently judged for you shape and form. Where flab is failure wether it effects your ability to do anything you have to do or not. These worlds can make working out simply an essential thing to survive and thrive. It is part of the culture.


I’m not sure about gyms, I have heard some great things about certain places, places that are their with you all the way, places that form a relationship with you. Places that care. They care. These are a new style of gym like www.primalhealthfitness.co.uk where they take a personal approach through a team of personal trainers. Many people like this, it makes them happy and it gets them fit. But I’m not for that. As I’m here, I’m sure you’re sure what i’m for…


I would like for healthiness just to be part of my life. I think thats the way to do it. If our city just supported cycling and helped it along and made the city cycle safe and cycle friendly, I’m sure we’d have a healthier, happier place.

Now thats something we can all enjoy.

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The Plan

So here we are. The beginning.


We are primitive. We can survive, but we are still beating our chests, still destroying, still failing.



But, we have to ask: why? Right? We have to question, we have to question because we have been presented with the ability to question, we have also been presented with the chance at change, the chance for more, the chance for something better. But as with all opportunities, all hopes, all knowledge and all dreams, this is a gift and a burden, a privilege and challenge, a blessing and a curse. Because having something does not mean understanding it, and not understanding something often means fearing it. And when we fear, too often, we attack.



Fear. Fear is the instinct. Fear is an instinct that has kept us alive. Fear is the impulse which has left many dead. Fear saves. And fear kills. Trust saves. And trust kills. Hope saves. And yes, hope kills, but perhaps it must, and perhaps it’s worth it.


“Fear and hope. Trust and suspicion. Love and hate. This is the predicament of humanity. We crave certainty but live a life that asks us to live permanently on both sides of a million contradictions. Love can hold us together and hate can tear us apart. But hate holds many together, and love will tear us apart.”

Billiam Béarnaise, French Nobel Laureate. As quoted by Joy Division

hal close

So, what do we do? Surely we can’t throw our lives into the hands of that which we don’t understand? Well, we surely shouldn’t. But we so often must. We must take action to save ourselves and to save each other. So, how do we come to these decisions? We talk.



We must talk, we must have a conversation. We must decide together what we trust, what we want and what we must do. Decisions can go wrong. Efforts can fail. But it is better to try and fail, to struggle and fall, than to do nothing. To do nothing is always a failure, and victory never comes without struggle. Never without struggle and never without fear. So struggle and fear is what lies ahead.



And at the end, who knows if we will have anything, who knows if we will have got anywhere. But if we have or haven’t the burden will never truly be lifted, the burden is eternal. The struggle is eternal. So we must be eternal.



Cycle more.

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